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Auto Kill Any Process is a freeware that lets you automatically terminate some processes based on user-defined parameters.It does just what its name suggests: it can automatically terminate some processes based on a user-defined list of items to be terminated.Set up a new hitlist is as easy as pie, and it has a nice graphical interface.Another useful feature is that it shows process details, such as ID, name, user, title, path and responding status.It enables you to terminate a selected item instantly and also allows you to perform either a manual batch process killing or an automatic one.This little piece of software can be used to close processes that stop responding on a regular basis, or simply close memory hogging apps to boost computer stability.But it’s not that easy to use, and no help manual is available.Pros:This little freeware is easy to use as it just presents an interface with two useful screens: Select a Process, and Select a Hitlist.Instead of spending hours on Google, you can instantly solve most of your problems by accessing an online help file (if one is available) or by opening a support ticket with the software’s developer.Another really cool feature of Auto Kill Any Process is that it can easily be used to perform an automatic batch kill process.Cons:And here’s the bad thing: Auto Kill Any Process is so poorly documented that I could barely figure out how to perform an automatic batch process kill.I tried lots of things, and it was all in vain, so here’s the list of things I tried:First, I tried to open up an official support ticket.Then, I tried to access its online help, by opening up this link: Here’s what happened when I opened up that help page: “Can’t locate object method ‘all_commands’ for class ‘AutokillAnyProcess::AutokillAnyProcessController’ in […] on line 1”.So I guess I failed in my attempt to open a support ticket, because even their own official support page couldn’t be opened.That’s weird, considering that they had no problem opening their support tickets to “get in touch with a 08929e5ed8

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