This is our sixth year of 3 on 3 in Centre Wellington.  We are proud of our growth over the years and happy to be back once again to provide spring hockey to our local community.  


As you can see we have a new site and some changes in store for the 2020 season.  Outlined below is information pertaining to the upcoming season for new and returning players, coaches and parents.  If at any time you require assistance with any information, please contact us at inquiries@honeyharpsports.ca or text/call at 519 993-7007.

3 on 3 League Information

Mandate: This is meant to be a fun league. It is not a tryout for a new team, nor is it an opportunity for coaches to come watch players.  We want players to enjoy their time with us for the love of the game.  


Location:  This year, all our games will be located in Centre Wellington either at the Fergus Sportsplex or the Elora Arena.  All games are full ice with referees and full equipment with mouthguard is required.  Jerseys are provided for each player.

















League Size:  We are looking at filling 4 teams per division with a max of 20 teams (ie., one or more divisions could have 2 extra teams for a max of 20)

Teams:  Each team is composed of 10 or 11 players.  We do not make teams - we ask parents to build and manage teams directly.  We try to help match players to teams looking for players but we do not accept individual registrations and we cannot guarantee a spot on any team.  Each division is a mix of minor and major age ranges and the division your child will play in is based on the league they just finished.  Each team may only have 3, AAA or AA registered players.  Likewise, each team may only have 3 AAA/AA playing in a game at any given time -regardless of substitutions.  There must be at least one parent on the bench at all times and each team must have a stocked first aid kit on the bench for every game.

Age Ranges: 

Novice:     2011/2012

Atom:       2009/2010

Peewee:    2007/2008

Bantam:    2005/2006

Game Length:  Each league game consists of 2, 22 minute periods.  Tournament games are approximately half as long.  We do have specific rules which can be found here.  Penalties and game play rules are much the same as in the OMHA.  A two-strike rule is being implemented this year.  Anyone removed for fighting will get one more chance to redeem their actions on the ice but if they are removed a second time, they forfeit participation in our league. Tournament hosts reserve the right to interpret the severity of player's actions.

Game Schedule:  As many of you may know or not know, the Castellan rink is no longer available.  All of our games will begin in the first week of April 2020 and finish on the weekend of May 10th, 2020.  The season will consist of 7 regular season games and 3 or 4 tournament games (depending on which teams make the finals).


Coaches and managers now have schedules. Please check in with them for digital copies.

We are implementing a cut-off date this year for schedule changes.  Once local hockey tryout schedules are posted, teams will have 48 hours to make appropriate changes.  Please refrain from making changes to the schedule when at all possible.  It is much easier to find replacements than it is to find new ice time.

Registration:  Again we are only looking for 20 teams this year.  Please do not start building your team until you've contacted us to see if there is still space in a division.  As a reminder, we require a minimum of 4 teams to run a division and we must have an even number of teams.

3 Step Process for registration:

1.  Print off the registration form located here.  Coaches and managers can print off a team summary page here.


2.  Fill out the registration form and waiver and give to a manager or parent who is helping put the team together.  As a reminder, each team can only have 3 AA or AAA players on each team (refer to rules for more information)

3.  Contact HoneyHarp (email and phone located at top of page) to arrange for pickup and to confirm your spot.


We are looking forward to a great season!

**League Update    (updated at 9:53pm July 7th, 2021)

Dear Parents and Players,

Thank you for your continued patronage.  We look forward to returning to a full 3 on 3 league in the spring of 2022